Brač – the island of stone which has for centuries been the source of inspiration, nourishment and creation to its inhabitants. Brač – the island of gnarled olive trees and vineyards rooted in stony, red soil which, thanks to the labour of many hands, offers us the sweetness of vugava and tartness of plavac grapes. Brač – the island which awaits the summer to open its heart to many visitors and offer them an unforgettable holiday along its 175 km long coast.

Brač has a lot to offer to its visitors and inhabitants all the year around: a great number of luxury hotels (especially in Supetar and Bol) as well as a wide range of private accommodation both along the coast and in its hinterland; berths and moorings in all the coastal towns and an excellently equipped ACI marina in Milna; a rich culinary tradition, with roasted lamb on spit a specialty alongside superb wine from local vineyards; and a great number of interesting destinations for day trips. Besides many cultural and historical attractions, Brač also offers many sporting activities: sailing, fishing, diving, and all forms of entertainment at sea. One can enjoy the famous windsurfing off the Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) beach in Bol, play tennis at one of the many hotel tennis courts or go hiking along the steep cliffs off the southern shore. There is also an outdoor sports and adventure festival called "Vanka regule" which has for fourteen years been bringing together daring young people from all over the world, welcoming amateur swimmers, runners, kayakers, free climbers, skateboarders, cyclists, and windsurfers – all in a high-spirited environment filled with music, film projections and parties that last long into the night.